Triumphs and Trials: Ed Spain’s Thrilling Weekend at GYG

SMS@HOME proudly supports the rising star Ed Spain in his go-kart racing endeavours. In the past couple of weekends, Ed took on the challenges at GYG in North Wales, creating unforgettable moments on & off the track.

Testing the Waters (& Tyres):

Ed dove headfirst into the weekend, embracing the anticipation of trying out the new Vega tyres mandated by Motorsport UK from April 24 onwards. A departure from the familiar Dunlops, the wet tyre exceeded expectations, showcasing exceptional grip. Ed’s excitement was palpable as he eagerly awaits testing the supposedly superior slicks in the future.

Qualifying Triumphs:

Despite facing a level playing field with fixed clutches & gearing for all karts, Ed’s true driving prowess shone through during qualifying. Securing pole position in Timed Qualifying, a nose cone penalty couldn’t overshadow the impressive performance. Ed’s second-fastest lap remained unmatched, solidifying his position at the front of the grid.

Heats & Heartbeats:

Navigating standing starts at GYG, Ed encountered challenges in the heats. A quick start in Heat 1 slipped to third, but a composed approach brought him back to second. Heat 2 saw a similar story, as Ed battled back to second place in the final lap. It was a display of resilience & skill, setting the stage for the grand finale.

Final Showdown:

Starting on pole for the final, Ed exhibited consistent driving, capitalizing on the points earned from pole & two second-place finishes in the heats. Leading for most of the race, a sudden obstacle disrupted the rhythm, dropping Ed to second place. Despite a nail-biting finish, Ed secured a well-deserved second place, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats.

Looking Ahead:

As the dust settles from GYG, Ed Spain is already gearing up for the next challenge at Whilton Mill. The Southern Maintenance Solutions UK Ltd team eagerly anticipates the continued success & growth of their sponsored young talent.


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