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Southern Maintenance Solutions UK Ltd specialise in the design, installation and commissioning of Building & Energy Management Control Systems for heating and air conditioning systems – improving energy expenditure and reducing environmental impact.

Our expert team are able to offer innovative, cost effective solutions to meet your energy management needs from HVAC controls and panels to Building Energy Management (BEMS) Systems.

We provide TREND controls and outstations, installation and commissioning of new systems.

More specifically, we are responsible for:

  • Design, manufacture and supply of HVCA control panels.
  • Installation of new power and control cables to chillers, boilers and HVCA panels.
  • Commissioning Trend/Honeywell/Mitsubishi/Toshiba controllers for heating & air conditioning system upgrades.

So when thinking about heating and air-conditioning for your organisation, think about control. Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll do the rest.

Benefits of good heating and cooling control include:

  • Precious energy is saved and not wasted – automatically
  • Optimum performance – the ambient temperature can be controlled using both heating and cooling at the touch of a button
  • Convenience – No-one needs to worry about when to turn the heating off or on
  • Economical – Controlled heating systems only run when needed. System control creates long-term savings on all your operating costs
  • Ease of use – Our heating control systems can even be operated remotely away from the building
  • Accuracy – our state-of-the-art digital control systems are accurate and reliable
  • Versatility – Individual rooms can be controlled to their particular requirements. For example, your computer room can be kept at a lower temperature than the rest of the building

To find out how Southern Maintenance Solutions UK Ltd’s control systems can help your organisation, from saving money to improving the working environment, give us a call today.

Whatever your control system requirements, just ask. We provide the cost-effective solution for your business.


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