Air Conditioning Services

At Southern Maintenance Solutions UK Ltd, we’re dedicated to providing a comfortable, pleasant environment for your staff to work in.

As with our heating service, we pride ourselves on providing commercial air conditioning of the highest quality as well as looking for the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Our trained technicians are fully qualified to install and maintain a range of industrial air conditioning systems suitable for your business from hotels and bars to school staff rooms and public buildings. All our engineers are approved for CFC recovery (REFCOM and the Environment Agency), ensuring you receive a total air conditioning solution from just one provider.

We work for a large number of companies, including public sector organisations who expect nothing but the best when it comes to their cooling needs. They also expect cost-effective cooling systems that keep carbon emissions to a minimum.

Why use Southern Maintenance Solutions UK for your office cooling needs?

When you’re looking for an office air conditioning supplier, you need a company you can trust with technical staff who know exactly what they are doing.

Installing air conditioning systems needs specialist skills.

If you’re looking to install a new commercial air conditioning system or replace an old one in your building, trust SMS to get it right first time. Because when it comes to cooling systems you can’t afford to get it wrong.

Our highly trained staff know how to:

  • Deal with strictly regulated gases in air conditioning systems
  • Handle gas carefully for re-cycling and disposal
  • Follow EU regulations on re-gassing and replacement gases
  • Treat any air conditioning malfunction as top priority in areas where precious equipment is housed

We supply and maintain a wide range of air conditioning systems that are tailored to suit your individual needs as an organisation.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps use the heat from the air and increase its temperature to circulate warm air around your environment. A simple installation outside your property can afford great energy savings.

Southern Maintenance Solutions UK Ltd have an extensive knowledge on a range of heat pump systems. Contact us today and our expert team will advise and recommend the best option for your requirements.

Benefits of heat pump systems

  • Lower fuel bills and carbon emissions
  • Provides hot water and heating
  • Provides air conditioning in the summer

Whatever your cooling and air conditioning requirements, just ask. We provide the cost-effective solution for your business.



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