Commercial Heating Services

When you’re running a large organisation, you need efficient and cost-effective heating systems.

Southern Maintenance Solutions UK Ltd has been operating a commercial heating department covering design, installation and maintenance of commercial boilers and commercial central heating systems for over 15 years.

We take pride in providing the right kind of heating system for your commercial heating requirements, one that suits the needs of your staff and equipment.

Our fully qualified and industry accredited heating engineers can assist you on future heating purchases such as commercial boilers, making sure you gain maximum benefit from the usage and efficiency of your heating systems whilst ensuring maximum return on your investment.

We offer a comprehensive list of commercial boiler services:

  • Commercial boiler repair
  • Commercial boiler maintenance
  • Commercial heating installation
  • Gas Safety and Landlords Inspection

At the heart of our business has always been the installation and maintenance of quality commercial heating systems for all kinds of organisations that are individually tailored to their particular needs.

We specialise in providing and maintaining high quality heating systems for both public and private sector organisations in the Thames Valley as well as West and South West London.

Cost-effective heating solutions for your business

Our heating services include the installation of a range of cost-effective and efficient heating systems for your building and its workforce.

This includes:

Forced-draft or “Warm Air Heating”
This method of heating provides the optimum heating system for your building. Air is heated via a boiler or exchanger and circulated throughout the building through specially designed vents. Warm air heating is far more cost-effective for the larger organisation than traditional radiators and boilers. Heat is provided instantly, producing efficiency that is unrivalled. Warm-air heating produces a drier heat that removes moisture in the air, which is ideal for organisations with large amounts of computer equipment.

Contact Southern Maintenance Solutions UK Ltd today to find out if warm air heating is cost-effective for your business. We aim to help you achieve significant savings for your business as well as providing a comfortable environment for your staff.

Wet Heating Systems
Not all commercial organisations suit warm air heating, particularly if they have one large open space with high ceilings and little insulation. We would also recommend wet heating systems for the smaller traditional office space.

With wet heating systems, water is heated via a boiler and pumped through a sealed radiator system to heat rooms. This system is similar to domestic central heating systems.

Large Space Heating
Southern Maintenance Solutions have applications for large space heating too. Large buildings such as factories, exhibition halls, leisure centres, museums and galleries and other open plan buildings require carefully designed heating installations and these can include Powrmatic space heating equipment for which we are now approved service and installation agents for UK South.

Under Floor Heating
Underfloor heating is really the 21st century way to heat your office premises, whatever its size. It is also cheaper to install underfloor heating than traditional wet heating systems. This efficient heating system involves feeding heated water through under floor pipes to distribute heat evenly into each room.

Our highly experienced technicians are trained to deal with all kinds of heating systems to suit your organisation.

We can also install and maintain other kinds of heat distribution systems from those listed above including:

  • Fan convectors
  • Radiators
  • Tubular heating for areas such as swimming pool changing rooms
  • and much much more

Whatever your heating requirements, just ask. We provide the cost-effective heating solution for your business.

At Southern Maintenance Solutions, We Work with All Kinds of Fuels
Our technical staff have wide experience in the installation and maintenance of all types of fuels. And they’re fully aware of the regulations and standards required for each type of fuel. We can work with solid fuel, gas and oil.

All our engineers are Gas Safe registered to the requisite industrial standards needed for this kind of exacting work. With Southern Maintenance Solutions UK Ltd, you’re in safe hands.

Does Your Heating System Need Replacing?
There may be many reasons why your existing heating system may need replacing. But the following factors need to be taken into account:

Age and reliability. If you’re running an older system that has become unreliable, the cost can be prohibitive. Pro-active maintenance can hold off the day when it needs to be replaced – but waiting too long can be a false economy.

Legislation. When it comes to energy and fuel, legislation is changing all the time. All new boilers in domestic properties are required by law to be of the condenser kind, for example. And it won’t be too long before the same applies to commercial properties. You can increase efficiency and beat the legislation by installing the correct product.

Back-up Systems. Is your organisation prepared for the worst that can happen? Installing a separate support system to ensure continuity of heating performance makes commercial common sense. Can you afford to lose a day or two’s productivity just because your heating fails?

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