Ed Spain Triumphs Against All Odds at Whilton Mill Circuit!

At SMS@HOME, we are thrilled to share the exciting journey of our sponsored go-kart racer, Ed Spain, as he took on the challenges of the Long Weekend Club Round at the renowned Whilton Mill circuit. The anticipation was high, with the CKC Championship just around the corner, making every moment on the track crucial for Ed’s preparation.

The weekend kicked off with an unexpected water-logged track, leading to the cancellation of mid-week owner-driver testing practice. However, undeterred, Ed dived into Friday morning practice, navigating wet conditions and a drying track with cold temperatures. Despite the challenges, he showcased his skills, moving from P4 to an impressive P2 in the first heat.

Saturday presented its own set of hurdles, including a delayed start due to icy conditions. Heat 2 saw Ed starting in P10, showcasing his determination as he fought his way through the ranks, crossing the line as P3. A post-race penalty dropped him to P9, but it only fuelled his determination for the upcoming heats.

In Heat 3, Ed faced adversity, starting in P9 and finishing in P6. However, he made a stellar comeback in Heat 4, starting from P1 and maintaining a significant lead throughout the race, crossing the finish line 2.5 seconds ahead of the competition.

Sunday brought both challenges and triumphs. In the Pre-Final, Ed, starting in P3, faced setbacks but demonstrated resilience by securing P1 on the last lap. The Final was a rollercoaster, with Ed starting in P1, facing setbacks, and dropping to P6. In a thrilling turn of events, he executed bold manoeuvres to reclaim P1 on the last lap and defended his position to cross the finish line in triumph.

Ed’s determination, skill, and fearlessness were on full display throughout the weekend, showcasing the true spirit of racing. As sponsors, Southern Maintenance Solutions UK Ltd are immensely proud to support Ed Spain on his journey, and look forward to the upcoming CKC Championship with great anticipation. Stay tuned for more exhilarating moments on the track!


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