Ed Spain: Racing Towards Success with SMS@HOME


In the fast-paced world of motorsports, where every turn & twist on the track brings both challenges & triumphs, a young & promising talent, Ed Spain, is making waves with his impressive performances in karting. Southern Maintenance Solutions UK Ltd (SMS) proudly sponsors Ed on his thrilling journey, providing the support he needs to chase his dreams on the racing circuit.

A Wet & Muddy Weekend at Kimbolton:

Recently, Ed faced the unique challenges of a wet & muddy weekend at Kimbolton. Navigating a new track for the first time, Ed’s determination & preparation shone through as he conquered the slippery conditions, securing noteworthy positions in each stage of the competition.

Learning from YouTube:

Ed’s dedication to success is evident in his meticulous preparation. With the unfamiliar Kimbolton track ahead of him, he turned to YouTube for insights & strategies. This resourcefulness paid off as Ed seamlessly adapted to the conditions, demonstrating his ability to learn & evolve on the fly.

Race Day Triumphs:

Despite a last-minute rush to the grid with “three wheels on his wagon,” Ed showcased his resilience & focus. The race day began with wet conditions, providing an extra layer of complexity. However, Ed’s skill & adaptability earned him impressive results in the heats, finishing 2nd in Heat 1 & claiming victory in Heat 2.

Rolling Starts & Final Showdown:

The race day at Kimbolton brought unique challenges, including rolling starts in place of the usual standing starts. Ed navigated this change with finesse, showcasing his ability to recover from setbacks. The final race saw him start in pole position, only to face a false start & drop to 3rd. Undeterred, Ed fought his way back to 2nd, consistently pulling away from the competition but falling short of the top spot.

Live Streaming & Gratitude:

Ed’s racing journey is accessible to fans & supporters worldwide, thanks to live streaming on YouTube. The entire racing experience, from triumphs to challenges, is captured for enthusiasts to witness & enjoy. Ed takes a moment to express his gratitude to the SMS team for their sponsorship, recognizing the crucial role they play in helping him pursue his passion for motorsports.


As Ed Spain continues to make strides in the world of karting, SMS@HOME stands as a proud supporter, enabling this young talent to reach new heights. The thrilling races, unpredictable conditions, &  unwavering determination make Ed’s journey a captivating story for motorsport enthusiasts & beyond. Stay tuned for more exhilarating moments as Ed Spain races towards success with SMS@HOME by his side.


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