Southern Maintenance Solutions UK Ltd specialise in the provision of heating and air conditioning building services comprising installation and maintenance of air conditioning, heating and boiler plant systems including the associated electrical controls and coded welding.

We are committed to the protection of the environment, including prevention of damage and adverse environmental impacts and influences. In provision of the foregoing services, inasmuch we undertake to provide our customers with products and services, and conduct our business in, an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner.

Further to the above, the Company recognises the environmental issues associated with our activities relating to waste, water and energy management. We aim to implement all reasonably practicable measures to prevent pollution to the environment and comply with all current environmental regulations, legislation and approved codes of practice.

Statement of Aims
We will work to ensure that in all areas of our work, including transport, use of chemicals and substances, practice of recycling, purchasing and waste disposal, we adopt the best practicable current environmental policy.

The Following provides a framework for setting environmental objectives and ensuring continual improvement to enhance our environmental performance.


1. Transport
Fuel consumption is one of our greatest environmental impacts. All of our vehicles currently have diesel engines. Future vehicle purchases will be made on the basis of best environmental technology where reasonably practicable.

2. Use of chemicals
We make little use of chemicals during the undertaking of our business. Where chemicals are required, we plan to use those chemicals that have limited environmental impact where practical to do so.

3. Recycling/Waste
Our policy is to minimise the use of finite resources. However, some use of finite resources is inevitable and we work to recycle waste products from these uses wherever possible. Examples include toner cartridges, plastics, woods, steel, paper, cardboard and glass.

4. Energy management
Our aim is to keep our energy use at a continually low level and to invest in energy saving technology wherever possible. Our property is lit with energy saving bulbs and include roof insulation and energy consumption will be reviewed on a regular basis.

5. Operations management
The Company is committed to In our day to day work we aim to minimise our impact upon the environment by keeping close control over the volume of materials consumed (e.g. office paper, fuel).

6. Education
We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our business through relevant training for all our employees and sub-contractors.

The Directors have direct responsibility for the implementation of this policy and its effective implementation and we are committed to fulfilling compliance obligations.